Poly Films, Inc. has been making quality film and plastic bags since 1985. Our second generation of film and plastic bag makers are going strong and our third generation group is just around the corner. Over the years we have made millions of pounds of polyethylene film and plastic bags and we have cornered the market on service as well.

film extrusion lineOur Mission

Poly Films, Inc. has enjoyed countless blessings that far exceed that of typical businesses. More than fame or fortune - we have a business ministry. Because we plant our foundations on the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings and promises - in turn want to be a blessing to our customers. That is why we have the service end cornered. Nobody can serve you like we can - and we make pretty good plastic bags and film as well.

Company Profile

Poly Films, Inc. was established in Sept. 1985. Starting with two film lines increasing to five film lines currently and various production equipment for plastic bags (bag machines, separators, printer and slitter). We have twenty of the best employees you could have. We are used to hearing praises from our customers concerning our flexibility to meet their needs.

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